Why I started a podcast

Posted on Feb 5, 2022

Last year, I started a podcast called La Radio Du Dev. It’s a conversation with dynamic guests speakers focusing on career tips, software development topics, and many more.

As a software developer, I keep asking myself so many questions on many topics. How do I become more proficient? How can I improve my skills in one particular area? How can I work for a MAANG company? Do I need to relocate?

Finding answers to all those questions is not quite simple. I can spend time on Reddit, Quora, or other online forums to find those answers or I can ask people around me. I can ask more experienced developers, doing great work and working for great companies what they think about my concerns or worries.

That’s what I’m doing with this podcast. In each episode, I’ll ask a couple of questions that bother me. Rather than keeping this conversation between those people and me, I decide to make this public and turn it into a podcast. I hope this will help.